(Report) #1 EQuiP-VdGM Summer School

EQuiP and VdGM jointly organised the #1 International Summer School on Quality Improvement from 25-27 September in Turin - just before the 6th VdGM Forum. We hope EQuiP and VdGM has started a new tradition of organising Summer Schools this way, and that this Summer School will be the first in a series of the many successful ones.
Six enthusiastic participants from all over Europe attended the Summer School, and they developed 6 interesting QI project plans.
Their three teachers were Felicity Knights, David Rodrigues and Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš.
Susanna Holmlund improved the most and presented the most comprehensive QI plan. She was awarded a bottle of fine Italian wine by Andrée Rochfort from EQuiP, who played a vital part as our external project evaluator.
I would like to thank the Italian organisers - and especially Jacopo Demurtas - for giving EQuiP and VdGM the opportunity to run the #1 International Summer School on Quality Improvement. The event was organised very well. The venue was great, the local food was delicious, and the energy was amazing.
All in all, I think that the Summer School was quite successful. We hosted 6 enthusiastic participants, who completed the Summer School with six interesting QI projects plans.
Best wishes,
Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš
EQuiP President