EQuiP WONCA Europe 2017 Dublin Declaration

EQUIP WONCA Europe 2017 Dublin Declaration
- Patients should have access to safe, equitable, affordable and high-quality health care services in Europe!

WONCA Europe, representing family doctors from 44 Member Organisations across Europe, states:

  • There can never be absolute certainty for safety in healthcare.
  • However, there is a need to continuously strive to improve safety for patients due to the complexity of healthcare in general practice in primary health care, and in transitions between primary care and other health services.
  • Healthy doctors are needed for safe care.

The President of WONCA Europe, Dr Anna Stavdal and the President of EQuiP Dr Piet Vanden Bussche call upon the Member Organisations to:

  1. Acknowledge the unique context of general practice within the greater health system
  2. Engage with patients
  3. Encourage collaboration between governments, policy-makers and other stakeholders for further development of safety initiatives to protect patients and health professionals from harm
  4. To fight for adequate resources in general practice to deliver better safer healthcare
  5. Reaffirm the commitment of WONCA Europe to support and advise decision makers in line with WHO Technical Series on Safety In Primary Care
  6. Address the lack of research and measurement on safety in primary care
  7. Emphasise the importance of collaboration on integrating safety in medical education and training curricula and continuous professional development