EQuiP #3 2018 Newsletter is out!

Table of Contents
  • Presidential Reflections on 23rd WONCA Europe Conference
  • Tuomas Koskela’s Reflections on 23rd WONCA Europe Conference
  • Philippe-Richard J. Domeyer's Reflections on 23rd WONCA Europe Conference
  • Interview with EQuiP President-Elect Zalika Klemenc Ketiš (Slovenia)
  • Quality Guide for Estonian Family Medicine Practices - Renewal 2018
  • Structured Small Group Work in Primary Care on: Meeting Patients who are Lesbian, Bisexual, or Gay
  • EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article in French “La gestion de l’incertitude dans le quotidien de la médecine de famille”
We hope you enjoy it - please provide us with some feedback.
Kind regards,
Ulrik Bak Kirk
EQuiP Manager