EQuiP #1 2019 Newsletter is out!

Dear all,
Welcome to the latest EQuiP newsletter, the very first this year, all of which we hope have helped to keep you updated on our latest news and provide you with quality and safety tips.
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Table of Contents
1. 55th EQuiP Assembly Meeting and Conference Welcome Letter. 
Sign up for this European Event now: https://www.equip2019.eu/
2. New Organizational Member: The Serbian Medical Society.
3. Report from EQuiP's 54th Assembly Meeting in Zagreb, 2018.
4. EQuiP Training for Young Family Doctors: How to proceed?
5. Abstract: "Time for a Change? Tailoring EQuiP Summer School for Young Family Doctors".
6. EQuiP Peer-Reviewed Article: "Safety Culture in Primary Care in Slovenia".
Best wishes,
Ulrik Bak Kirk
EQuiP Manager