#6 Social Media

By Ulrik Bak Kirk (Denmark)
EQuiP Working Group Leader on Social Media

EQuiP Working Group on Social Media

- in close collaboration with Vasco da Gama Movement

During the October 2015 WONCA Europe Istanbul Conference, 72 Family Doctors participated in our workshop titled: ‘Smarter Planet Smarter Healthcare’. The workshop opened with presentations outlining available resources that can be used for the development of innovative applications, and also showcasing the impact of examples of eHealth implementation.
Participants randomly self-divided into four groups to discuss in ‘round table’ session the areas presented, namely mobile health, medical education, social media and rural telemedicine. Discussion was based around a SWOT analysis.
Participants were invited to present an insight into their own solutions from a multi-perspective viewpoint, to reflect on the impact of eHealth on their own practice and the lives of their patients, and to outline the feasibility of harnessing potential solutions within the limitations of available resources.
Social Media

#SoMe has the potential to inform and educate both doctors and patients. It can enhance doctor-doctor and doctor-patient communication. Social media also has the potential to ease renewal of prescriptions, can be used to send patient reminders, and may provide an opportunity to track chronic patients. One potential novel and innovative use of social media could be for short online consultations. On the other hand, there are genuine concerns about data security, and social media can provide an overwhelming degree of information overload. Currently, there is a lack of evidence of the utility of social media, with an additional paucity of social media guides to help health professionals get started.

The session provided participants with a powerful networking opportunity that facilitated knowledge sharing and the development of new partnerships.