Patient Empowerment


EQuiP Working Group on Patient Empowerment

Read much more about the WONCA Europe Anniversary Research Fund 2012-2015 project: 
PECC-WE (Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe) here.


To explore concepts of 'empowerment', including clinician perspective.
To include the 'patient' perspective.

Factors in General Practice that can facilitate 'Patient Empowerment':

  • Longitudinal care
  • A multi-disciplinary approach
  • A strong relationship based on a unique consultation process of trust
  • A person-centered approach

These factors prove to be helpful for a continuous educational process aimed to empower the patient.

Therefore, General Practice is in a strategic position to promote the goals of patient empowerment and self-management.

The EQuiP members Adrian Rohrbasser (Switzerland), Zlata Ozvacic Adzic (Croatia), Zalika Klemenc Ketis (Slovenia), Isabelle Dupie (France), Janecke Thesen (Norway), Ayse Caylan (Turkey),  Ulrik Bak Kirk (Denmark), Andree Rochfort (Ireland), Jochen Gensichen (Germany), Ilkka Kunnamo (Finland) and Ernesto Mola (Italy) are working on two papers for publication:

  • One on an Exploration of the Concept of Patient Empowerment for Chronic Conditions.
  • Another on the Patient Perspective of Empowerment from Self-Management in Chronic Conditions.

Next steps

The EQuiP Working Group meets again at the 52nd EQuiP Assembly Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia.

Tell us if you would like to share information on 'patient empowerment' or to input. Thank you.