WONCA 2015 Launch

EQuiP PECC-WE WONCA Istanbul Grand Session

  • Introduction to Wonca Europe Anniversary Project 2012-2015
    Andrée Rochfort will introduce the PECC-WE project, project partners, structure.
  • Concepts of Empowering Patients for Self-Management in Chronic Conditions
    Ernesto Mola will present concepts of Patient Empowerment - the 12th characteristic of GP/FM added to the European Definition of general practice 2011.
  • WP1A: Systematic Review
    Andrée Rochfort will present the systematic review findings and submitted papers.
    See PP slides here.
  • WP1C: EQuiP Working Group
    Piet Vanden Bussche will present the EQuiP Working Group on international interpretation of the concept from EQuiP meetings and workshops and future incorporation of patient perspectives and patient role models in future projects.
    See PP slides here.

  • WP2: Motivational Interviewing eLearning Course
    Ilkka Kunnamo will give a quick demonstration and introduce the eLearning tool.
    See PP slides here.
  • WP3: Evaluation
    Ulrik Bak Kirk will present the main findings in the evaluations (German and English).
    See PP slides here.

  • WP1B: Online Hub
    Ulrik Bak Kirk will give an example from the Nordic Conference of General Practice 2015 on how to populate the HUB into the future with examples of Patient Empowerment projects and tools to promote future small and large projects on the topic in Europe.
    See PP slides here.
  • Summary
    Andree Rochfort will end with summary list of the outputs of the work packages, publications and where GPs can get access to the materials
  • Discussion
    Q&A open floor begins