The EUROPEP instrument is a 23-item validated and internationally standardized measure of patient evaluations of general practice care. An international consortium of researchers and general practitioners, linked to EQuiP, developed the instrument in the years 1995 - 1998. The instrument has been used in about 20 countries and is available in Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish, Slovenish, and Turkish.

The instrument was developed from the beginning as an international instrument, using rigorous translation and validation procedures. We aimed at use for educational purposes in practices and regions as well as nationwide surveys and international comparisons. A series of studies were performed for its development, including an international study on patient priorities and studies to examine proto-versions of the questionnaire. A large number of scientific publications using EUROPEP has been published.

Since its development, the Europep instrument has been used in many local, regional and national projects. Some countries use it on a very large scale. An email discussion in 2006 among a group of users of the instrument led to a minor revision. In several rounds of proposals and responses consensus was achieved on the revision of the current Europep questionnaire. The English source version of the Europep 2006 instrument is ready for use and can be found in the attached manual. 

Latest EUROPEP report

The Europep instrument was developed by EQuiP to represent patient views of general practice. It measures patient evaluations of a broad range of specific aspects of general practice care. The instrument has been used in many different countries, in some cases on a very large scale. 

Selected Publications