WONCA Working Party on Quality & Safety Update (March 2018)

By Dr María-Pilar Astier-Peña (Chair & EQuiP delegate from Spain)
Strategic Lines 2017-2019
1) To facilitate family doctors’ networking:
a) To promote tools to improve networking through internet among Wonca world members aimed at get quality and patient safety issues on the medical office’s desktop: to work out a Q+PS Dashboard
2) To keep in contact with interna=onal ins=tu=ons focused on Q+PS in primary care which send to us their up to date.
3) To collect and maintain updated Q+PS resources for family doctors in Wonca webpage.
4) Training and Education:
a) To contact universities and public institutions which offer open source courses on Q+PS to promote the introduction of primary care issues in this area.
b) To prepare and offer a Q+PS issues webwinars and seminars for family doctors.

First year summary: 2017
• February 2017: We take over officially the Chair and the Secretary of the WWPQS.
• Participation in Wonca Newsletter:
a) Promoting WHO webpage on Patient Safety
b) Participation in MWH strategy.
• Workshop at Wonca Conferences (Dr Bueno and Dr Astier):
– Dublin, March 2017
– Prague, May 2017
– Geneva, December 2017

• Twitter account as a tool to promote quality and patient safety.
• Update the group's website at Wonca webpage
• To strengthen the relation with Equip: Newsletter
• To strengthen the relation Wonca-WHO (Patient Safety and Risk Management Unit, Service Delivery and Safety Department).
• To participate in EQuiP and Wonca’ Conferences:
– Bratislava (March 2018)
– Krakow (May 2018) 
– Seoul: Annual WWPQS meeting 17 October 2018.