Prof. Dr. Sara Willems attends 52nd EQuiP Meeting to stimulate collaboration between EQuiP and European Universities

Another very special guest will attend the 52nd EQuiP Meeting in Zagreb 16-18 November 2017: Prof. Dr. Sara Willems (Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care at Ghent University in Belgium).

EQuiP and Prof. Dr. Sara Willems will use this unique opportunity to start working on better and closer project and network collaboration between EQuiP and European Universities, including Research and Educational Units within the scope of Primary Health Care.

We hope that this will support the EQuiP strategy in creating value for all the institutional/organisational members of EQuiP - and also catalyse research on topics of quality and safety in primary care, exchange ideas about teaching quality and safety, and actually do what EQuiP does best: Bringing people from all over Europe together and inspire them in the cross-section between research, quality improvement, and implementation in their daily work.

Please view this EQuiP web video from the Meeting in Paris in April 2013 about equity:

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