EQuiP #15 Newsletter is out!

Dear EQuiP friends,

Keywords: Invitation to 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting, EQuiP Dublin Conference and ePDF, 22nd Wonca Europe Conference: EQuiP Sessions, New Members: Philip-Richard J. Domeyer & John Brennan, 3rd International Meeting on Well-being and Performance in Clinical Practice, and 5th French EQuiP Summer School.

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Invitation to 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting: First Announcement
It is my great pleasure to invite you to the very 1st European Congress of General Practitioners - and also the 53rd EQuiP Assembly Meeting - which will take place March 23-24, 2018 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We, the Congress Organisers, invite experts, who have been focusing on and working with the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care in European countries for many years.

We, the Participants, will have an opportunity to discuss the following three topics of the EQuiP 2018 Congress - selected because improvement is currently needed - with them:

  • The first topic is the Quality of Medical Education, which affects the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of health care
  • The second topic is eHealth and whether it improves Quality and Safety in General Practice in our everyday work or not?
  • The last topic will be about preventing overdiagnosis and overtreatment

Conference Dates March 23 -24, 2018
Abstract Submission June 1, 2017
Abstract Submission Deadline October 1, 2017
Notifi cation of accepting abstracts January 10, 2018

I am looking forward to your participation and rich conversations about the three topics mentioned above, which would contribute to improving both the recognition of General Practitioners and the Health Care for our patients.

With best wishes,
Stefan Krnac
Slovakian EQuiP Delegate