Organisational Membership

First Organisational Member: Duodecim (Finland)

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim is a scientific society with almost 90% of the Finnish doctors and medical students, altogether over 20.000, as members. Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. carries out the Society's mission to publish medical information. The company is the leading Finnish publisher in the field of medicine providing the latest knowledge for health care professionals as well as for the general public interested in heath care issues. 

EQuiP is very proud and happy to pronounce Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. its very first organisational member.

Who can become an organisational member?

Institutional members can be scientific societies of GPs and other organisations and institutions involved in quality development and patient safety in GP/FM or primary care.

How to become an organisational member of EQuip?

Simply download and fill in the EQuiP Application Form and return it to

You are expected to pay for membership in advance. The fee varies per country (see below).

Institutional membership fees – 3 years
(1 January 2018 to 31 December 2020)

Group 1: € 750
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
United Kingdom.

Group 2: € 600
Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Turkey,

Group 3: € 500
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine

Current 16 Organisational Members of EQuiP

Domus Medica

KoHOM (Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine)

Andrija Stampar (School of Public Health)

APO (Audit Projekt Odense). APO is best known for HAPPY AUDIT, a project on respiratory tract infections in general practice funded by the European Union. 

Duodecim (Medical Publications Ltd)

Finnish Association for General Practice

S.F.T.G. Association (Société de Formation Thérapeutique du Généraliste)

Hippocrates (Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of Greece)

Norsk Forening For Allmennmedisin

Senter for Kvalitet i Legekontor (SKIL)

Associação Portuguesa de Medicina Geral e Familiar

NHS Education for Scotland

Zdravsteni Dom Ljubljana

semFYC (Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia)

SfamQ (Svensk förening för allmänmedicins kvalitets och patientsäkerhetsråd)

PMU (Policlinique Medicale Universitaire)