International Patient Safety Day (IPSD)

The International Patient Safety Day (IPSD) is a campaign for all stakeholders in the health care system to work together to improve patient safety. It is all about getting European Primary Care Teams & Patients involved in:
  • Sharing awareness in patient safety in primary care
  • Experimenting new ideas to improve patient safety
  • Helping patients to contribute to their own safety
In April 2017, delegates from 45 countries agreed to elaborate a resolution in the wake of a plenary session of the national congress of family medecine in Paris that would make 17th September to be officially included in the WHO list as the World Day of Patient Safety.
Source: 2nd Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety in Bonn (Germany).
Healthcare organisations, institutions, academic organisations, companies, patient organisations – all are invited to participate in this day with their activities and ideas, for example:
  • Presentation of effective solutions to improve quality and safety in health care
  • Raising awareness amongst the public and media on key issues relating to patient safety
  • Information on activities in hospitals, care homes and general practice
  • Information for patients on how they can contribute to their own safety
Small everyday changes do more than great innovations or new spectacular knowledge!
Regularity of efforts and daily tests of quality improvement allow a better service to the person than radical changes
(Donald Berwick)
  • A working group of general practitioners from several European countries has been formed
  • The European network EQuiP is involved in the project
The goal is to create an event yearly to participate and support an international movement:
  • In 2018 the project is to make a video film illustrating that both patients and primary care professionals are able to implement a little change for a real improvement in patient safety
  • In 2019 the project is to organize an international movement for deprescribing
Event date: 
Monday, September 17, 2018 - 08:00